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The Trio Home Elevator is our innovative wheelchair lift and is perfect for the less mobile homeowner. Larger than the Duo elevator lift but still compact, the Trio can fit a standard-sized wheelchair and is also ideal for users with a walker or rollator.
Stiltz lifts and elevators are through-floor lifts designed to fit in the home and is the first of its kind available in Dublin. Stiltz has developed the lift to make life easier for elderly or disabled people and help them stay in their own homes for longer when the stairs become too much. Unlike stair lifts, the Stiltz lift carries two people comfortably.

Stiltz Lifts Duo Home Elevator

The Stiltz Lifts Duo model is the smaller model of the Stiltz line and is available in two cab configurations. The Classic model is designed to enter and exit on the same side at either landing. The thru car is designed to enter the elevator on one side and exit the other at the next landing. The Duo is also available in the optional  Vista model with clear polycarbonate cab walls.

The Duo Vista has a modern look with an open feel while traveling between floors. We’ve been offering Stiltz lifts and home elevators since January of 2015. The Stiltz Home Elevator is a unique residential elevator made specifically to work within the confines of your home. The Stiltz Home Elevator is the only non-hydraulic elevator that does not require load-bearing walls.

Planning Permission

No planning permission is needed for Stiltz lifts – just a standard building notice application. VAT exemption and grants from the Disabilities Facilities Grant are also available.

Thanks to the stairwell void application, the Stiltz lifts provides, the lift fitted perfectly in an alcove of the stairs and connected to the dressing room off the main bedroom upstairs without any trouble. Builders just had to move around the wardrobes in the dressing room and make a new entrance door in the wall for the lift, while cutting out the appropriate aperture in the downstairs ceiling and upstairs floor.

Through Floor Lifts Ireland

Most residential elevators take up a lot of room and sometimes difficult to find enough space in the right place. Stiltz lifts use a unique twin rail system that eliminates the need for a supporting wall.  This allows you to fit your lift in many more places than would be possible with other products.
Stiltz elevator lifts are spacious but compact enough that they can often be fitted in a closet on both floors. This application is ideal for customers looking to conceal their residential elevator.


The Stiltz Home Elevator is an ideal and affordable alternative to a stairlift and allows you to keep your stairs the way they have always been in your house. It is also more cost-effective compared to moving house or making changes to your existing property and can add value to your home. The selection of residential elevators by Stiltz are designed and engineered to the highest standard by our experienced team.


Thanks to its carefully-engineered dimensions, drive mechanism and dual rail supports, the Stiltz Home Elevator can be placed nearly anywhere in your San Antonio home. It can operate on a standard 110 volt socket. Measuring less than seven square feet, its footprint is small, so it can be a part of almost any home. Its unique shape allows for it be discretely located in the corner of a room

Platform lifts are another option that can provide some serious capacity, without needing to invest in a full elevator. Some can even be placed outside the home, against an exterior wall. We provide consulting services to homeowners for a range of lift applications (with exception to stairlifts) and are a proud dealer for Stiltz elevators.