Platform Lift Installers, Dublin Ireland

Platform lifts are commonly used in churches, town halls, and schools. Platform lifts can be installed in whatever way you need, and their sturdy structure means they’re built to last for years to come. But wheelchairs aren’t the only use for platform lifts: this piece of equipment can help with all sorts of other mobility issues as well.

Platform lifts are a safe, reliable and affordable way to ensure accessibility from floor to floor and to stay connected to the outside world. They raise up from 28” to 168” and can meet most any desired door or platform height.   Wheelchair lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Inclined platform lifts are designed to be less invasive during the installation process. The walls in your home require no modifications and the rails attach to the sides of your staircase. The power supply is placed on either the right or left side at the bottom of your stairs. Both of the rails only use four inches of your stairway when the unit isn’t in use. This ensures that other members of your family are safe when going from the different floors too.

Vertical platform lifts, which can extend up to 14 feet, are most commonly installed in homes, as well as outside to access porches. They are similar to elevators, moving straight up and down, but are more cost efficient. Unlike elevators, vertical platform lifts are not fully enclosed, though a cage often encloses the platform of the lift. For installation, a 6-foot square area of space is required. Unfortunately, the landings required for vertical platform lifts can’t always be installed floors or near doors in all homes, which makes inclined platform lifts the desirable option.

Renting is another viable option for platform lifts. However, one should consider the amount of time they plan to use it, as purchasing a used one (or new one) may be a better option over the long term. Make note, purchasing used platform lifts or renting used lifts may be complicated since not every staircase is the same and not all spaces are identical. Curved staircases are particularly tricky since these are often custom made to fit one’s home.

Vertical Platform Lifts can be beneficial to individuals in wheelchairs, scooters, or anyone else who has difficulty traversing stairs or ramps. The dimensions and weight capacity of most lifts accommodates many standard size manual and power wheelchairs.

A vertical platform lift is a powered machine that is designed to take you vertically from one level to another level. Much like an elevator, but for shorter distances. They can be used inside a home or outside. They are also commonly referred to as a “porch lift”, since often you see them used to get people from the ground level up to a porch on their home.

Although many people with mobility challenges will benefit from the use of s stair lift, for some a stair cannot meet all of their needs.  If you need to travel up and down your stairs with your mobility scooter or power wheelchair, then you will need to invest in a vertical platform lift.  These devices can be installed on both indoor and outdoor staircases and will safely carry both you and your mobility equipment.  A vertical lift consists of a flat platform that you can easily roll onto and a sturdy tower that can be custom fit to a variety of heights.  Lifts feature user friendly controls that will enable you to operate your lift with ease.